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Information about Bleisure Rewards:

Bliesure Rewards has been described by some businesses as being like the goodie bag in an app.

The idea has been set up to help local businesses to connect, collaborate and receives rewards, perks and incentives for keeping business local.

So what do we do?

Bleisure Rewards offers a free app that you can download on the app store and play store.

We aim to help you reach and connect with more people to open businesses opportunities locally.

We aim to help you build stronger relationships with people as you do business locally. Enjoying experiences together.

We aim to stimulate business activity, so you can earn rewards to reach your business goals and enjoy more of your city. Reducing your out of pocket cost.

How you can use your rewards. The following packages are available to buy, but you can also use your earn Bleisure Rewards to reduce your out of pocket cost.

> Talent retention - Buy Bleisure Passes, so your employees can enjoy free activities in Wakefield outside of work. 

> Attraction and retention of clients - Join a regular meetup or buy Bleisure Business pass add-ons, so you can enjoy more of what is going on out and about in your city. Perhaps yoga, golf or out for dinner. Your choice.

> Culture Development - Boost your culture as you enjoy more group experiences together.

Join us for a free masterclass on xxxx [check next masterclass date from the home page] to learn more or come and see me afterwards and we can help you get started.