Reassurance In Innovation

Reassurance In Innovation

Written on 12/14/2018
Ali Gordon - Bleisure Rewards

There is an aspect of innovation that not so many in business talk about.

” I like to be innovative” is what most say. The challenge is that when something is unconsciously perceived as too innovative and unknown territory the chimp brain kicks in and puts the body into a state of fear. The problem then becomes that high levels of innovation can be missed and as a consequence making it even more difficult to stand out. A completely unconscious process. It is far more worrying what people think about us than what it means to be innovative.

So often we are unconsciously the creators of our own limitations without being aware.

The secret of standing out from the crowd is an attitude of “yes and …” . Not something us Brits in business is generally used to. You will be amazed at how your business starts to stand out from the crowd as you challenge yourself to embrace ideas even if they make you feel uncomfortable initially. Well, discomfort is generally a good sign of true innovation.