Technology and Innovative Routes to Market

Technology and Innovative Routes to Market

Written on 12/14/2018
Ali Gordon - Bleisure Rewards

Technology has been used for a long time to help us discover the experiences we want from life. Technology for a long time has supported businesses to reach markets in innovative ways. Combining the technology to bring together experiences in life with technology to reach the market in innovative ways seemed like a natural progression.

When users have a life experience, rather than just a digital experience, they open themselves up with a connection.  One of many new and innovative routes to market.

We work with our partners to develop creative ways to integrate Bleisure Rewards®, build exposure, test products, services and innovation when users are having an experience. We develop Bleisure experiences where people love to be, having an experience they enjoy having.

It’s a great feeling when everyone gets something out of the relationship.