Rewarding Loyalty. So What’s New?

Rewarding Loyalty. So What’s New?

Written on 12/14/2018
Ali Gordon - Bleisure Rewards

In 1994 as a student, I was promoting one of the UK’s first loyalty cards in a Sainsbury’s carpark. Over 2 decades later, we are more than familiar with a points system and rewards cards both as consumers and within our business lives.

The idea of rewards we felt rewards presented a way that we could develop the concept of Bleisure with a familiarity that our community could easily understand. I earn rewards from what I purchase.

We are not an ordinary rewards programme.

An important aspect for us was that we build our rewards and ecosystem with our members and partners. That means that not only do members benefit from rewards, but the ecosystem benefits from driving increased sales to our partners at the same time (who are also members of the community). There are benefits all around. Our programme is also very focused on how it can be used to drive loyalty for the customers of our members. Members can use Bleisure Rewards® to provide incentives for their own customers and when members customers are part of the community too, they can come together and enjoy hospitality style experiences together which in everyone has paid for themselves and used Bleisure Rewards® to discount the experience.

Having products and services with loyalty rewards to redeem against experiences makes even the dullest products and services more attractive.

We are working with innovative technology to find more ways to get Bleisure Rewards® out into dining, entertainment, leisure and hospitality businesses to benefit our members so that users have maximum control. We are also developing technology partnerships so that Bleisure Rewards® can work hand in hand with other rewards programmes. We have many innovative opportunities in the pipeline and we are excited to share more about these as they develop.

How would your product be lifted if along with your offering came an attractive perk? Imagine your app inviting our members in for a coffee perk as they walked past a coffee shop to show your support for a thriving city centre and raise awareness of you? Some might say that’s an innovative way to engage customers.

We are always open to exploring ideas and innovation. Are you open to discovering opportunities for your business?