Customer Retention Made Simple

Customer Retention Made Simple

Written on 12/14/2018
Ali Gordon - Bleisure Rewards

It costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. 5 x more. With a shift in customer engagement back to face to face, it will be difficult in the future to maintain relationships with customers without experiences. Without addressing business differently, retaining customers would become an expensive exercise. It would be almost impossible for small businesses to compete by following the same rules that have been in the past.

Not everyone who comes into contact with Bleisure Rewards immediately gets us. We are challenging some fundamental traditional ideas about business. The idea is to impact the bottom-line of businesses first, to open more resources for innovation in the way they can connect with their customers in the future.  Creating the platform to plug-in, rather than having to understand how to build it for themselves.

The idea of creating a platform around perks and experiences is that it naturally lends itself immediately to opportunities to form stronger relationships and retention of customers first, rather than waiting to afford it after all the other business overheads have taken over. The idea is straightforward, and the Bleisure Rewards app means that users can tap into perks for free in their city pretty effortlessly. We are not live everywhere immediately, but we are expanding town to town, city to city.

Bringing the experience to the forefront is a simplified version of how we have done business in the past. It’s just when we approach something new; it can take a little while to get used to an idea.