Well-being in Business

Well-being in Business

Written on 11/18/2018
Ali Gordon - Bleisure Rewards

Photo by Alex Bertha on Unsplash

Well-being in business

Increased pressures and stresses in the world of business have led to a growing focus of mental health in the workplace. Addressing well-being at work can increase productivity, but what about the owners and leaders in businesses? What are they doing to bring their life and well being into balance if it would lead to higher levels of productivity?

All too often business owners can be so driven by their business goals that it is easy to miss out on the journey. The journey actually very often if we are open to possibility can present us with opportunities to reach our goals much sooner. We can only be open to see opportunities if we maintain a positive state of mind.

In a fast-paced business world it can be a challenge to see that slowing down can actually help us achieve more. Steadily the world is waking up to mindfulness (the benefits of having our mind in the here and now moment). More businesses are opening up to well-being and mental health. Allocating budgets to support employee welfare.

We aim to support business culture around well-being with Bleisure Rewards® . Embracing a culture of opening more opportunities from the journey of being in business and promoting the culture of the importance of well-being and mental health from the top down.